Established in 1998, Totally Tropical Aquatics has been selling tropical fish for almost two decades, providing our customers with plenty of choice and variety. We have one of the best selections of tropical, coldwater and marine fish in the county, with plenty of plants, tanks, and everything you need.

We offer plenty of friendly advice, and do our best to help anyone, from the beginners to experts. To ensure you get a good start in setting up your tank, we'll test your water (for free) and make sure the conditions are just right. We always have offers on our recommended starter fish too, to ensure they stay happy and feel safe together in your new tank.


I absolutely love it here. Andy is so friendly and lovely and is on hand whenever I need advice. I was dropped in the deep end with my tank and I had no knowledge. He's fixed that and helped so much, my tank has gone from a stress to a fun and beautiful hobby. Can't thank him enough.

- Iona, Facebook

Andy is brilliant. Got our first tank from another fish shop locally, lots of problems. Someone told us about Andy at Totally Tropical and we haven't looked back since, always go to see him. Got loads of fish from him and go up at least once a month and get more because we like the range of fish he has.

- Joanne, Facebook

So glad I was told about this place, such a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable guy! Definitely will be returning for more fish in the future!

- Vicki, Facebook

The best fish shop going! My knowledge of fish wouldn't be half as good as it is now thanks to them. Friendly, and nothing is ever too much trouble for Andy. Haven't and wouldn't go anywhere else!

- Martyn, Facebook